How is an Isotopolis visit structured?

An Isotopolis visit is not just some boring old lecture. Quite the opposite, in fact! You can ask questions, share your concerns and let us know what you’re really interested in. That way we can tailor the visit to exactly what you want. We also very much welcome interaction with our visitors.


After a short film about the role that radioactivity plays in our daily lives, you’ll embark on an informative journey of discovery through the world of radioactive waste.
The guided tour of the information centre is structured around three themes:

Theme 1: Radioactivity

First you visit a mini-laboratory, where the fascinating phenomena of radioactivity and radiation are explained in a visually attractive way by means of practical demonstrations and experiments. A unique feature of Isotopolis – and a real show-stopper – is the cloud chamber, an enclosed viewing box in which invisible ionising radiation is made visible.

Theme 2: Short-term management

The second theme deals with the short-term management of radioactive waste. You find out where radioactive waste comes from, what it looks like and what currently happens to it. Authentic materials and surprising visuals give you a realistic idea of how radioactive waste is managed on a day-to-day basis.

Theme 3: Long-term management

The third theme looks at the future and the long-term solutions for radioactive waste. The various disposal options that scientists are currently studying and testing are presented in detail with the help of photos and short films.

At this stage of the visit, it’s time for a short break for refreshments. This is the perfect opportunity to ask any further questions or chat with our guides.

Site visit

The journey continues on the Belgoprocess site, where you will have a unique opportunity to visit a storage facility for processed low-level waste. You can also take a look around the revamped visitors’ section of the low-level waste processing plant. As well as seeing an impressive model, you can try your hand at our exciting quiz to test what you’ve learned. And there are prizes to be won! This part of the visit will introduce you to the daily reality of radioactive waste management.

A full Isotopolis visit lasts about three hours.