The day of your visit

Visitors must always report to the guardhouse at the entrance to the Belgoprocess site. We will be expecting you. One of our guides will be waiting for you there and will escort you to the car park and the entrance to Isotopolis.

If you arrive by bus, the driver and the person in charge of the group should report to the guardhouse. In exchange for his or her ID card, the bus driver will be given a badge that can be used to open the barrier. The bus is needed for the visit to the Belgoprocess site.

If you arrive by car, the driver should report to the guardhouse and will be issued with a badge to open the barrier. Transport on the Belgoprocess site will then be by car.

Once you arrive at Isotopolis, you will be able to use the toilet facilities and leave any coats, jackets and bags in the cloakroom. Only then will the visit begin.

At the end of the visit, everyone is given a brochure to take away with them.

We only have a few house rules so we would be grateful if you would be kind enough to observe them.

  • No smoking is allowed during your visit to Isotopolis.
  • You may take photographs only in the Isotopolis information centre. Photography is not permitted outside the building or on the Belgoprocess site.
  • Mobile phones can be disruptive so please switch yours off or set it to ‘silent’.
  • If you are delayed on your way to the site, please let us know by calling +32 (0)14/33.41.11.
  • Always follow the guide’s instructions.